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Invest With ESA.

We Have a extensive knowledge of the property market in Bournemouth & Southampton, ensuring we get the best available property deals. 

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Already Have Property Investments?

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Looking To Invest In Property?

We offer fixed returns of

5%-8% on your money over a set time frame. 

Who is it for?

  • You are looking to reap the rewards of property investing without the headache.

  • You have Cash or Equity which you want to achieve higher interest rates on. 

  • Looking to make returns on a short/ Medium term investment. 

5%-8% Returns on Your Cash

How it works-

We will buy a property, add value then sell or refinance. After the sale or refinance we will return your money plus interest. 

We manage the headache from finding the right deal, managing the refurbishment and acquiring finance on the property. 


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